Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee + DISCOUNT CODE for you!

As a  breastfeeding mama, I LOVE my coffee. My day does NOT start without coffee. And I’m here to tell you- I have found a new type of coffee I know you are going to love! Without asking you to give up your morning coffee (because I definitely can’t), I’m just going to say you should try adding in this mushroom coffee to your daily routine.


Not a typo. And I thought the same thing you probably did…what the heck is mushroom coffee? Does it taste like coffee…or mushrooms? Let me explain.

A company called Four Sigmatic has created a line of superfood-based drinks that I have become absolutely hooked on. They sent me a handful of different samples to try, and I’m a fan for life. Medicinal mushrooms have been used for thousands of years and the self proclaimed ‘funguys’ (haha, get it?!) at Four Sigmatic are shipping them to the masses in a fun and modern way. They’re making medicinal mushrooms a trend I think will stick around for good, and I’m totally with them!


The coffee actually tastes like coffee- no mushroom taste at all. It does contain instant coffee powder, but far less caffeine than normal coffee. Combined with the mushrooms, I have incredible boosts of energy without feeling jittery, and it won’t affect Grayson’s breastmilk.

All you have to do is pour boiling water over the powder and stir in anything else you normally add to your coffee. There’s really nothing to miss about your ‘regular’ coffee.

In addition to the coffees, they also have hot cacao mixes that are great for the evenings and contain no caffeine. The elixirs are powder on their own, and great to add to smoothies. The different mushrooms all have their own super powers for whatever you’re needing at the moment. There are so many different ways to consume all the different mushrooms through the coffees, hot cacaos, elixirs, and super food blends.

Here are the different types:

Chaga: This one is great for your immune system! I used to never get sick EVER, but now with Grayson going to preschool, it seems like we are catching everything possible. I’ve been incorporating Chaga into my routine and even though I’ve still been sick this winter, I can tell it has helped keep me on my feet. Chaga has tons of antioxidant properties to help with your immune system and stress relief. They recommend this drink between 6am to 9pm.

Lion’s Mane: This is a daily must! It’s like a pencil sharpener for your brain- keeping your mental clarity at its sharpest. This savory drink is best used between 6am-6pm.

Cordyceps: Used between 5am-4pm, this powerful ‘shroom is packed with energizing benefits that any athlete or weekend warrior can enjoy! I stopped taking preworkouts a few years ago because I hated the jittery feeling it gave me, and I knew that couldn’t be healthy. This has been the perfect solution to give me the energy I need as a personal trainer, mom, and to get through my own tough workouts!

Reishi: My favorite night time treat has become the hot cacao mix with Reishi. You’ll drink this one between 6pm and 12am. “Like a warm hug from grandma” on the box, this one gives me all the warm feelys. Reishi is known to help support sleep, relaxation, and occassional stress.

Now you can see what I’m obsessed with Four Sigmatic! Not to mention, the coffee is all 100% organic, single origin Arabic beans.


Great news! Four Sigmatic was kind enough to extend a 10% discount code to LLCL readers! Use code ‘leanlifecleanlife’ to receive your discount! I know you guys are going to love these fun new mixes!





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