Meet Erin

Hi, I’m Erin!

A faith-based health and fitness coach,  and I help women learn to see themselves through God’s lens, learning to move and nourish their bodies out of love. Helping women transition to an 80/20 lifestyle and clean, non toxic products allows them to start showing up as their best self instead of just merely trying to survive. 

I am  a small town North Carolina native, wife to that cute guy from my high school wrestling team, and mom to the world’s two coolest kids, Grayson and Savannah. When I first started out on my personal training journey, I just loved creating workout plans for friends, but over time, this evolved into a deeper sense of purpose. I thought I had the ‘fitness thing’ all figured out until I had my son and got to know exactly what a postpartum mom goes through. I experienced stubborn belly fat, sleep deprivation, self-doubt, and complete loss of motivation that nobody ever warned me about.

Through my own journey, I’ve been able to not only support women on their fat-loss journeys, but personally relate to the hidden, silent struggles moms go through. I, like many women, assumed I would bounce back and my only gym-related struggle would be figuring out childcare. I had no idea what awaited me after my son was born, but I knew no woman should walk through that alone. 

Over time, my struggles as a new mom with a new body transformed into a beautiful way for me to get to know our Creator even better. When I no longer chased body goals and I put my focus on Him, that’s when I felt most beautiful and confident. 

Through so much trial and error, I’m confident in the choices I make my our family to lead a holistic lifestyle through a grace-filled approach I like to call the 80/20 lifestyle. Nobody’s health journey is perfect but we’re a work in progress and I love sharing what I’ve learned along the way. 

My belief is that health is mind, body, and spirit- so much more than a workout routine or a meal plan. My goal with this blog is to give you a wealth of knowledge to empower you that a holistic lifestyle is not only achievable, but also practical and can be fun, too! I’ll share a snapshot of what it’s like running a business from home with two small kids, amateur homesteading with our chickens and gardening, and how Shane and I strive for a Christ-centered marriage. I’m proud to be a District Manager with Arbonne International and have made it my life’s mission to bring awareness to safer ingredients in the products and supplements we use. 

Over the years through this blog and social media, I’ve been blessed to make some of the greatest connections! It’s amazing to me that we’ve reached an era where we can build such strong friendships without ever meeting in person, but I can say without a doubt this is true for me. I appreciate you so much for following along on my little blog! I hope you find at least one little nugget in something I write that inspires you or encourages you in some way. 

We were made for more than we allow ourselves. Let me show you how. 

Coach Erin

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