Quick Sunday Blurb

I’m a slacker, I know. This has been a crazy month and I have not logged on! Wanted to pop on for a quick little update before church!

1. Grayson’s birthday party went so well! We did an ice cream party theme, and although he didn’t have any ice cream himself, he DESTROYED his smash cake. I’ll post a recipe later of his cake that I made. It was delicious! For his actual birthday, we went to the local science center/aquarium/zoo. It was hot as the dickens, but we had a great time.

2. My candle company is doing well! I’m in the process of on-boarding my new brand reps, and I’m really excited! I had such an awesome group of girls that stepped up to join, I actually did not turn down anyone! Sometimes you can tell someone wouldn’t be a good fit, but I’m excited to get to know these girls and grow my community.

3. We released our yoga line of candles! The only brick and mortar location so far is my own yoga studio. I’ve been working on these almost a year, so it was almost a little bittersweet to release these to the public.

4. Last weekend we took a girl’s weekend to the mountains. We live 2 hours away, but we really don’t go as often as we should! Grayson went too of course, but the women on my mom’s side, including my grandmother, went to Blowing Rock, NC for a weekend trip. This has always been my grandmother’s favorite place, so we treated her to a weekend and rented a cabin. We went to the Moses Cone Manor, lunch with a view, and did some shopping. It was over too soon!

5. I’m now volunteering at church. I’m teaching AWANA on Wednesdays and keeping the nursery a few Sundays a month. I went from knowing almost no one at church, now I can’t remember everyone’s name. It is great! I’ve missed volunteering. It took me a few years, sadly, after joining the church to step up, but now is finally the right time. Grayson is getting better and better with me leaving him in the nursery.

I’ll try to upload pictures later!

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