Blossom to be Fit Podcast 

So, I did a thing tonight! Tonight I recorded my very first guest podcast episode….and I had a blast! 

Jennifer Blossom hosts Blossom to be Fit, a podcast for women in all stages of motherhood- or pre-motherhood. She was such a sweetheart! I’ve grown to look forward to her podcasts every week so talking her felt like chatting with a close girlfriend. 

For our episode, I talked all about our experience with Grayson’s tongue-tie. I shared the good, the bad and the gory. That was an awful, but still amazing time in our lives, and I was so happy to share that with other moms. I had never heard of tongue tie until the nurse announced my son had it, and I was absolutely blind sided. I knew I wanted to breastfeed, but I hadn’t done much research. I had no idea my little precious baby boy would be nursing up to 17 times a day. I didn’t know my first days as a mom would be consumed by trying to heal in between feedings. 

I’ll give you a spoiler alert- the story has a happy ending. Grayson nurses full time and has not had a bottle in months- and I think I love nursing more than he does! I have no idea how I will wean him, and I promise you, I won’t be ready anytime soon.

I’ll update later when the episode is about to air, and I hope everyone can tune in! Jennifer says it’ll probably be sometime this winter. Until then, I hope you subscribe to her podcast- I know you’ll love listening as much as I do! 

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