Pregnancy Annoucement! 6 Week Pregnancy Update

So excited I can finally start writing and sharing about our second pregnancy!

Below is my youtube vlog so go watch and leave me a comment with your reaction! But if you’re a reader….here’s the beginning to our story! (The video goes into a little more detail!)

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a longggg time. Well before we started “trying.” Since Grayson will be 3 this July, I’ve felt a little pressure to get pregnant to keep our kids close in age. And I love God’s timing in this, so I’m so happy he allowed us to get pregnant when we did.

On March 5th, that is the day I took my pregnancy test. I was laying in bed the night before, one day late, and just knew. Scared to get my hopes up and feel let down for down for the third month in a row, but I still just knew, and didn’t want to believe it. The next day, I swear to you, I went to the bathroom every 15 minutes to see if my period would come. (sorry if that’s TMI, but hey, you’re reading a pregnancy blog. All dignity is out the window here.)

Finally, I took the test around 2pm. I was sharing Arbonne with some sweet girls later that day, and figured out it was really horrible timing to take the test: instead of getting ready and doing my makeup like I needed, I couldn’t stop crying! I felt like the night would never be over so I could come home and share our news with Shane. Yes, somehow I actually waited to tell him! I wanted to see the look on his face though, and it was so worth it. I’m due November 11, 2019….but we know what that means. Who knows when that baby is coming! Grayson was induced at 6 days late and still didn’t want to come out.

So far, so good. This pregnancy already feels so different than with Grayson. With G, I was so sick. Morning sickness turned into nighttime sickness, with migraines galore. So far I’m just exhausted.

We’re going to a new birth center this time instead of my hometown OBGYN. When we took the tour, Shane was very skeptical because he’s not very ‘hippie dippie’ as he likes to say. Me on the other hand? I was sold immediately. I knew I couldn’t choose a hospital birth after visiting the birth center. I want to be in a positive atmosphere, not an environment meant for sick people. I will say though, the birth center midwives seem truly great with sending you straight to the hospital if they feel its medically necessary. The birth center is located basically at the hospital, so there’s no worries of being too far away. I feel completely safe going with this option!

This, of course, means no epidural and no inducing labor if I don’t have her on my own around 40 weeks. With Grayson, I was super against getting an epidural, but with the pain of induction with pitocin, I was miserable and ended up getting the epidural. I’m okay with this change, though. Unless there’s a medically-necessary reason I need to be induced or go to the hospital this time, I’d rather go the natural route and let my body take the lead.

Click below to view the vlog!

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