3 Signs You’re Ready to Hire an Online Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer, whether online or in person can be a big investment- and it should be. Personal trainers, the good ones, can transform your life and possibly save you thousands in medical bills or even therapy.

3 Signs You're Ready to hire an online trainer.png

  1. You’re ready to take action, but not sure where to start. There are times when we know the next steps we should be taking, but aren’t ready to commit. If you aren’t in the right mindset yet to hire a personal trainer, it could be a waste of both your time. Seizing the opportunity to work with a qualified coach can be life changing and can elevate every area of your life, but you need to be ready to trust the trainer and put into action the steps he/she gives you.Does this sound like you? You’re tired of being overweight, squeezing into your jeans and avoiding family photos with your kids. You’ve tried every diet, bought exercise equipment and every $9 ebook workout you could find, and never find anything you can stick with. You’re DETERMINED to see results this time. You see others around you losing weight, and you’ve decided that maybe it IS possible for you! The only problem is….you have no clue what’s next.That’s where a personal trainer can come in. We’ve seen it all, heard it all, and we can likely pinpoint that mysterious reason your weight isn’t budging. Working with a trainer can cut out all the confusion and give you a definite plan to start seeing results. And when/if you hit a plateau (which is totally normal, by the way), a trainer will know how to help you change things up, so instead of getting discouraged, you pivot and keep going.

    Working with an online trainer allows more time to be spent on the little things…which are actually the big things in the long run. A trainer can hand you a work out but if you aren’t in the right mindset, you’re probably going to find yourself skipping sets, and then skipping whole workouts all together. Mindset is key! An online trainer, since we don’t meet in person, can spend time getting down to the nitty gritty- why you don’t have a good relationship with food. Why you have bad habits and can’t stick with a good routine. With my clients, we do weekly check ins to see how my clients are feeling- we go over their wins and what they feel didn’t go so well. Not overlooking these important little details is key in long term success!

  2. You don’t like the idea of having to schedule workouts with an in-person trainer. One thing I’ve seen as a personal trainer is that scheduling conflicts can be tricky. Frequently traveling for work, working varying shifts, and managing child care can all lead to scheduling conflicts with your trainer. Most in-person trainers like to schedule plenty in advance and need at least 24 hours notice for rescheduling a session, and that isn’t always possible.Working with an online trainer means that the trainer isn’t actually with you and that you have the freedom to workout anytime that is convenient for you. Long before I ever dreamed of being a personal trainer myself, when I first joined my gym, a guy noticed me wandering around clueless at our gym, started up a conversation, and offered to train me for free as he built his training business back up. It was a sweet deal, only, I never knew when I was going to get off work and into the gym. Some days it was at 5pm and some days it was 7pm- it was never the same. I didn’t take it seriously yet and got frustrated that he kept getting on my case about meeting at a certain time. I thought that since he always seemed to be hanging around there, we could just get started when I got there, oblivious to how things actually worked and that I was probably coming off pretty rude. He was understandably frustrated, and dropped me. I deserved it.I kept going every day consistently though, and eventually hired an online personal trainer. It was a match made in heaven. She sent me my workouts, and I went to the gym when it was convenient.

    There are some trainers who will do “live” sessions via skype, zoom, etc that don’t fit this model, but that isn’t the typical “online training” program. A typical online trainer will create a program for you and send it via PDF, typed in an email, or even use an app to deliver the workouts. A lot of times the trainers will send instructional videos with the workouts, or at least upon client request. A trainer’s number one goal should keep the client safe, and therefore, will only take clients they feel can be kept safe during an online program (for example, people with certain injuries or heart conditions may be better suited to work with an in-person trainer). With that said, for the average person, online training programs are not only safe, but ideal, more budget friendly and most convenient.

  3. You’re ready to invest in a trainer, but cannot commit to as many sessions as you need to meet your goal. A good in-person trainer won’t just try to sell you as many sessions as they can, they’ll look at your goals and see what it would realistically take for you to meet them. Are you a beginner who would benefit from several sessions a week? That can get pretty pricey paying per session, even if the trainer offers a discount for multiple sessions purchased upfront.Working with an online trainer can save hundreds each month. A trainer’s in-person session could range anywhere from $30 to $150, whereas online trainers typically charge a flat fee for the month- anywhere from $50 to $350 and up. That’s a huge difference! And unless you fit into the category of needing an in-person trainer, you’re most of the time better off working with an online trainer. Save that money for something else!


This compilation isn’t to discredit in-person trainers. There’s definitely a need for in-person training and the good trainers are worth every penny! But with the age of the internet, online training has only gotten bigger and bigger- with good reason!

Do you feel you’re ready to work with an online trainer? I’m currently taking new clients and would love to see if I’m a good fit to work with you. Schedule a call Here to get started!

Comment below the best reason you’d want to work with an online trainer!

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