How to Stay on Track During a Holiday Weekend

Hello, Memorial Day Weekend! It’s Saturday and you’re probably gearing up for a fun weekend- pool parties, cookouts, or maybe a trip to the beach if you don’t live super far. But maybe you’re stressing out about what the heck you’re going to eat this weekend and still stay on track through the weekend. You’ve worked hard and don’t want to undo all the progress you’ve been making. 

Sound familiar? This used to be my story- I’d be super anxious about what to eat at parties, or just give in and admit defeat. But it doesn’t have to be this way! I can enjoy my weekend while staying on track with my goals (hello, vacation and bikinis a week from now!)

Keep reading and I’ll give you my Five Tips to stay on track during a holiday weekend. Enjoy! 

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It’s all about mindset here. Whatever you go into the weekend thinking is going to happen will probably happen. If you’re so consumed with binging or having a horrible time, you will. But if you tell yourself I AM FREAKIN AWESOME AND HAVE TOTALLY GOT THIS!! – pumping yourself up gets you in the mindset that you ARE awesome and you DO ‘got this!’  (I’m cringing on that grammar there…haha) But really, just tell yourself these positive affirmations- anything you can come up with that helps, and tell yourself a million times until you believe it!

The party is happening whether you go or not. Your family will have a good time and you’ll miss out on making amazing memories if you skip it…over food? No. Get yourself in the right mindset to go, eat whatever it is you decide is right for you, and enjoy yourself. The thing is, eating a little bit of something isn’t horrible. You CAN have a piece of cake and not 3, or just a few bites and not the whole thing. One drink instead of 6. A small portion of chips and dip instead of standing by the snack table for 2 hours, grazing the whole time. It doesn’t have to be “all or nothing” – just take the pressure off of yourself. Once you’ve let it go, you’ve entered into a mindset where you’re much less likely to overeat because you aren’t obsessing over it. 



I know I’m not the first to say it- “drink more water!” Sorry, not sorry. Water is one of the most important things we can do for our health- SERIOUSLY! Most of the time when you feel hungry…you’re really just thirsty. In fact, in the mornings, I drink at least 1 tall glass of water immediately upon waking, and then I make sure to drink another full glass in between each cup of coffee every morning. You NEED to hydrate first thing!

So with that said, if you’re going to a party, do yourself a favor and hyper-hydrate. Set yourself up for success with this little tip and you’ll feel ahead of the game when it comes time to visit the food table at a party. 

Remember what I said about my coffee rule every morning? The same goes for alcohol. No matter how much you drink, having a glass (or red solo cup!!) of water in between adult beverages will slow down your alcohol consumption and keep you hydrated. Say this with me: ALCOHOL DEHYDRATES YOU!! Plus, you probably know as well as I do, drinking alcohol lets down our inhibitions towards food and suddenly we find ourselves on our third slice of cake. At least, I do when I drink! Let’s do ourselves a favor here and keep that under control! 


Do you get in weekend workouts? I do quite a bit since I usually have Shane at home to help me with Grayson. That’s a normal weekend- and I find it AWESOME when we know we’re about to go to a family event or out with friends later that day. And by workout- this can vary greatly! Shoot, sometimes just gardening will work up a good sweat! But really, weekends are a great time to mix it up! A good run by a lake somewhere with a friend, a kickboxing class, or an outdoor bootcamp is always fun! Just move ya booty! At parties, what do we do? We stand around or sit the whole time, talking, eating, and drinking. Not a whole lot of movement. 

Let’s just get one thing straight though- exercise is NEVER a punishment for food. Always be present and enjoy the workout, then enjoy the food- even if it’s horrible for you. Enjoy a little, then be done and let it go. Real talk- exercising a certain amount (ie. I had 1 slice of cake so now I have to do the ellipitical for exactly 45 minutes!) to work off food is a form of bulimia. Really. You’re ‘purging’ the food with exercise and that’s not good. 

I can say both for myself and clients I’ve worked with, after exercising we find ourselves naturally making healthier choices. You’ll feel good and have more mental clarity and energy after a good sweat session. 


We’ve all been there! Before I starting eating ketogenic, I was a self-proclaimed grazer. I had mastered the 6 meals a day, and then some. So at parties, I loved hanging out at snack tables! Now, I try to grab my food and make it to the other end of the room. This makes it so much easier to not overeat- out of sight, out of mind!


My last piece of advice is to focus on your friends! That’s why you’re there, right? Be present with them and enjoy their company. A good way to make this happen is to keep your cell phone put away. How guilty are we all of this? You go in public or to a restaurant and you’ll see two people or a group together but no one is engaging because they’re all staring at their phones. So at your party, lead by example and talk to the friends you’re actually WITH- check instagram later at home! 

Two weekends ago, we went to Charleston for Shane’s cousin’s college graduation. His entire family went, and we went out to eat both nights. And I had 1 drink Saturday night, and 3 drinks that Sunday night. I had sweet potato fries and a piece of cheesecake and NO regrets! If I’d been obsessing over my macros and staying perfectly clean that weekend, I would’ve missed out on a fun time with family we don’t get to see but a few times a year! 


Now that I’ve given a few tips to implement, just remember that even if you do feel like you’ve wrecked your weekend and gone too far, it will NOT undo all of the progress you’ve made. Even if it was too much, it happens and you just need to make your peace with it and move on. Get back in gear on Monday or whenever is the next day for you. Get back into routine and begin reaching for even more progress! If you eat a salad, do you instantly have rockin’ abs? Nope, and just the same, you won’t lose all your hard work after a night of a little too much fun. I promise!! Guilt-tripping yourself is what stops your progress. So whenever you go a little too overboard, the only thing you can do is get back on track, and consider that party an amazing time! If it’s already happened, why not?

I hope these tips help you! Let me know in the comments below- which of these helps you most? I’d also love to hear what ya’ll have planned! Since we have vacation coming up soon, and because its apparently monsoon season here in NC, we’re just relaxing and going to have a dinner with Shane’s fam! Oh the life with kids…

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