Friday Faves! Morning Routine Edition

Introducing…the first edition of my Friday Faves series! I want to share with you my favorite tips and tools that I use every day in my life.

Today, I’m going over something I’m super passionate about- my morning routine. If you ask any CEO or self-made millionaire the secret sauce to success, I’d bet money they’ll tell you its their morning routine. Over the last 10 years I’ve gone through huge changes- college, long hours in the horse industry, high stress jobs, entrepreneurship and lastly, motherhood. One thing that’s held me together through all the vastly different phases of my life is my morning routine.

Here are my 5 staples each morning:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar – You’ve got to get the kind ‘with the Mother’ if you try this! ACV helps control your blood sugar levels, bloat, colds and the flu…along with a dozen other benefits. Every morning i warm up a cup of water, add a tinnnyyyy bit of honey, a dash of honey and a tablespoon of ACV. Stir it together and it’s actually pretty tasty! You can get it here if you want to try it.

2. My bullet journal- This is the first year I’ve done a bullet journal, and while my handlettering is pretty much nonexistent, I’m having a great time with it. I use it to get organized for my day, look over my priorities, and in 2018 I’ve been doing a ‘habit tracker’ each month. So far 3 months in, I can honestly say that tracking all my habits I’m wanting to progress in really has done wonders for me- I track all workouts (divided up  by lifting, running, and yoga to see how much I do each individual one!), flossing my teeth, vitamins, oil pulling, tracking macros,  work related goals, and plenty more. I use this notebook.

3. Four Sigmatic Coffee- My favorite coffee! I talk about this coffee almost every day on my Insta Stories! Four Sigmatic has an array of coffees, hot cacaos, elixirs and superflood blends all made with powerful mushroom extracts and medicinal herbs. The coffees do have caffeine, but much less than traditional coffee you’d get from the grocery store or Starbucks. The mushrooms- like Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps- give me boosts of energy and mental clarity without the jitters!

4. Devotional- Most of the time, I can get up an hour or maybe even two before Grayson, and I love having that time

5. Five Minute Journal- This has been a game changer in 2018 for me! Answering these questions every morning sets me up for success: What am I grateful for? What would make today great? And 3 positive affirmations I want to claim about myself. Sure, I can easily name dozens of things I’m grateful for. But in the mornings, I really try to come up with 3 specific things that will impact my whole day by expressing my gratitude over and over again! Setting my intentions for the day ensures that I can fall back on the things I listed in my journal to hold me accountable to giving my best that day, and feel that gratitude over and over for what I chose to concentrate on. Give this a try, you’ll be amazed the results you see!

I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Friday Faves! I really believe the true secret to success is in having a strong morning routine. The tools listed above help me start my day off on the best foot possible!

Comment below and tell me what your favorite morning routine tradition is! I always love hearing what works for everyone…what’s something you can’t start your day without?

Much love,


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