Pure Vitamin Club Review

Hello friends!

It is 6 am and I’ve got my coffee and the rest of the house is asleep. I love mornings. I can type without wondering where Grayson is or what electrical outlet he’s messing with (toddlers, whew!).

I’ve been wanting to try out Pure Vitamin Club for a long time now since they opened in June, and finally ordered about a month ago. This is Vinnie Tortorich’s company so I hear his ads during every podcast! Shameless plugs but can you blame the guy? I don’t.

The reason I point out that the founder is that is why I know its a good brand. I know the integrity of the company will be second to none. I know I can trust the ingredients he’s formulated and that its not just another faceless company looking to make a few bucks off of my good intentions.

I was surprised by the price, though. He said they were cheap, and they really are. I had no idea they would be THAT cheap. I stopped buying vitamins from the grocery store years ago, so I’m used to buying them online and paying a painfully high price for them. These range from $9.95 for a bottle of the Multi-Cap, to $24.95 for the Magnesium. WHAT? That’s only like a dollar more than what I’d have to pay for a crappy bottle at Walmart. You can get subscriptions and save a buck, or just buy them as you’d like.

We take all of the vitamins now- the MultiCap (Shane only takes this one since I’m still on a post-natal vitamin for breastfeeding), B-12, and Magnesium.

What we’ve found with these:

Yes, they are a good clean vitamin with no fillers, additives, nothing bad.

No after taste!

You can take these on an empty stomach if you need to.

Maybe its just in my head since I’ve heard this before, but I really think the magnesium is helping me sleep better. I’ve felt really rested lately since starting to take these! No stomach issues either like some other brands can give you.

The ordering process was really easy and they shipped very quickly. Overall, I’m very impressed. Once these run out, I’ll be subscribing for Shane and I both to get them regularly- which I’ve never done with any supplement.

If you’d like to try them, here ya go:

Our Products

I just saw this morning they are currently formulating a new Vitamin D3 plus K Complex! I know I stay inside a lot more in the winter, thus not getting enough Vitamin D through sunlight. I’m sure I’m not alone in this! I hope they can release it soon!

Have you tried these before? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Some other fun news I have to share is that I’m starting a YouTube account soon! I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how I will be producing it, and I think for starters I’m going with a weekly vlog giving you a little insight into our life! It’ll also contain valuable information I’d like to share with you, product reviews, and workouts. I’m so excited and can’t wait to share it with you!








*I did decide to become an affiliate for this company because I love them so much! So if you buy from the link I will make a small commission. 


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