Falling In

Friends, it is 90 degrees in North Carolina today, but it is fall. I’m in shorty shorts, but it is finally fall! And with that, comes my busy season. My head is spinning. Thank God for Trello- if only I’ll finally take that Bss Mom Trello training I signed up for a month ago! I’m so grateful for this busy season. If you didn’t know, I have a product-based business, making artisan soy candles. They are a perfect fit in my ‘clean life,’ but honestly I just LOVE making them! I have just enough orders to keep me busy for the minute, and then more orders roll in. I’m grateful.

Another season of my life is about to begin after the holiday busy season- I become a student again. How many times will I talk about this? Its finally happening this time, I swear. I’ve waited for God’s timing on being a personal trainer, and now He is shoving me in. I bought the text books a few years ago and I’m praying they are still up to date! (If not…how bad could it be? Insert bug-eyed emoji!)

I’ve wanted this for so long. Why would you spend your life looking at other CPTs, being envious and thinking I could be doing that! I know I can do that! Friends, if something that strong is on your heart and does not go away, it is from God! Dive into prayer and find His timing. You cannot fail when a job or a dream comes from God!

So God is on my side…that exam terrifies me. You can’t take the text book (you see how long its been since I was a student?) and its 2.5 hours timed. I know I can do it….but I’m not there yet. Luckily, you can schedule it on your own pace, when you know you’re really ready.

One thing that excites me- and confuses me- about this journey, is that the longer time passes, the more I am disgusted by the fitness industry. I’m not speaking to the competitors and those who love body building because my friends in that specific area are phenomenal and I know how much hard work goes in. No, I’m speaking to the greedy and superficial section of the industry. All the steroids and supplements and photo shop….none of this is realistic or really authentic. If you’re spending $600 a month on supplements…is that necessary? What are you feeding your body? Yeah, it may make you bigger and/or leaner, but what quality of life will you have in 20 years? Not all supplements are bad of course, but gosh, some of them have so much crap in them, I just can’t help but wonder why you would do that to yourself? When you look 15 years older than you actually are, are you still into “health and fitness” for the same reasons as when you started? Is this really maximizing your health, or taking you down a completely different road? There’s enough natural body builders in the industry proving every day that hard work can achieve spectacular results. Don’t be guilted into spending a fortune on supplements.

If you’re photoshopping your “gains,” what example are you setting? To those who look up to you, what you are showing them is a lie. When you truly earn that “look,” its so much more satisfactory than editing your photos to get you there faster.

To me, health and fitness is about treating your body as a temple. Treating it as holy, like the Bible instructs us. Yes, I want to look good in my bikini, and show the world that Mama’s still got it! Ha. I’m still human, guys. But health is about accepting and being at peace with yourself, and loving yourself. We should treat our bodies good, feeding it nutritious foods, sweating, resting, and taking time for self care. I want to stay on THIS side of the fitness industry. If you want abs or biceps, let’s get to work. God gave us the ability to build bodies we our proud of! But it has to come from a place of peace and self love.

Marinate on that, and I would love to know your thoughts reading this. I don’t have it all figured out, but I know who I am and who I DON’T want to be.

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