Grayson is 9 months 

For someone who loves to write, it sure hasn’t been happening very often!

You can thank my child for that.

My little newborn isn’t so new anymore! Nine months ago today I had my little boy and it’s been amazing ever since. Well, it’s been hard and frustrating and very lacking in sleep, but amazing, nonetheless! I know my fellow moms will feel me on this!

What’s my life look like lately? I’ve been doing long runs on Saturday and very little fitness in between. I’ve taken two weeks off of work for the most part, because my nanny a.k.a. my mother has needed her time. While it’s kind of been frustrating not working, I have enjoyed spending time with my son and getting caught up on things of my own. When do we ever really get caught up though? I’ll let you know when I figure that one out.

Shane has been going in to work early so that he can leave around 4:30 and that has been great having him home while there is still daylight. You cherish this so much more with having a little one around.

Grayson has four teeth now and that’s made food a heck of a lot easier, especially with his teenage boy appetite! I’m still making all of his food for the most part and most days I can just chop up or mush up something Shane and I are eating. We got a baby bullet used for $20 and it has been amazing.

We just bought a membership to the zoo since we only live 20 minutes away and I cannot wait for it to come in the mail! We also took over my parents’ pool membership, where I have gone my whole life, and my mother has gone since she was a little girl. It seems so simple, but I’m excited to start that tradition with my son as well.

Not so exciting, the renovations continue. Going on, what, three years now? The house is almost painted and we still have quite a bit of landscaping to do, plus painting our storage house attached to our carport. I’d like to think once our heads are clear after all of this is done, we can startthinking about  turning this into a craftsman’s house. It has the bone structure for it and would be pretty simple overall. We don’t know how long we will live here but we love calling it home. My grandparents live next-door and I bought it to be close to them and connect my 5 acres to theirs so this remains family property. Not so easy to sell though. Our house only has two bedrooms so the big question will be: do we add on, or rent this out and build elsewhere? I would love to say we will have four kids but two is probably more realistic. Either way a bigger house is definitely in our future.

My garden has really come to life! For someone who cares nothing about flowers or landscaping, I am really obsessed with growing things I can eat. Right now I’m waiting for my eggplant and squash to sprout. I think that they have, but right now they look like weeds so fingers crossed. I just picked my first bunch of kale for the season and it is oh my gosh delicious. I’ve never done red Russian kale before but it is so sweet and tender. We will definitely not be sautéing it or making kale chips. I think that would actually be insulting, it is THAT GOOD.

Now it is Time to start dinner so let’s wrap this up. Shane is such an amazing cook that I am lucky to say he helps so much with dinner and takes it over completely some nights. We are tag-teaming it with him on porterhouse steaks that he got on sale, and I am sautéing brussels sprouts and baking sweet potato bits. Yum!

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