35 Weeks: Fat and HOT!

35 Weeks now! Life is really good. We just had our second baby shower last weekend…a couple’s shower thrown by Shane’s family. So much fun! When I say couple’s, what I really mean is the men stayed outside and drank beer and played cornhole. I didn’t even get to speak to a few of the guys who came, but never inside (which is surprising seeing as how all the food was inside!). I honestly could have played a better guest of honor and walked around and mingled more….but did I mention how friggin HOT it is outside? I mingled for the first bit, then I sat my happy butt down. I didn’t hardly move the next day I was so exhausted from the shower. Didn’t know opening gifts could do that to someone!

Shane had a surprise shower given a few nights ago by coworkers at his previous company. He left in May, and it was so sweet they still planned this for him! He was very emotional afterwards that so many people care  that much for him. And they should, he is pretty amazing. (Maybe I’m a little biased though!)

Grayson’s nursery is almoostttttt complete! All we need is a changing table. We are currently having trouble deciding on one. At the moment, we’re entertaining the thought of some type of bookshelf instead of a traditional changing table. The word I’ve been getting lately from other moms is how they never used theirs…but I already have the pad and cover for it…and washed the cover, so you understand my dilemma (enter monkey covering eyes emoji)! I want to have it available….but something we can use for later. I registered for these really cute wire baskets from target that I have no idea what I will end up using them for….but c’mon, they are so cute! I’ll find something. questioned a lot of things on the registry, those included. But he’s a guy. Its a good thing I’m the mom and not him!

We have so. many. diapers. I’m actually questioning at this point if I’ll use them all. And we got more the other night at Shane’s work shower that his mom is bringing over later. This is a good thing of course, but oh my gosh. Diapers. Everywhere. Stacks and stacks. I registered for the recommended amounts of each size….and that just kind of went out the window. But I do feel good that, a) I have plenty for Grayson, and b) I am able to help out another family if we actually do have too many. Diapers are expensive! So is formula. That is a huge motivator for me to exclusively breastfeed (not to mention the nutritonal benefits far outweigh formula…). I know it actually is the better choice, or only choice, for some moms…but really. Breastmilk is free. I never noticed until the other day that they had formula locked behind the counter at the Food Lion. But hey, its a small little container for $30 and it doesn’t last very long. That’s crazyyyyy! Nooooo thanks.

Well, my coffee is gone and I’m sure anyone reading this is ready for me to wrap up. Today I’m getting candles packed to take to a local emporium Monday morning. I’m so excited! I met the owner yesterday and I get such good vibes from the place. Tonight we are eating at Shane’s grandparents’ house since his uncle is home from Canada. Everyone have a good weekend!

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