8 Months Preggo!

Guys. In less than two days (I’m typing this at 10:00 at night) I will be EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT. There’s something about saying that that just makes me feel….actually I’m not sure how to describe it. Accomplished? Large as a whale?  Like part of some exclusive group..when in fact, its just a milestone. A milestone for sure, but just a milestone. I’m not sure how I feel. I’ll get back to you on that.

But I am definitely feeling it though. Eight months, I mean. Large. I’ve gained 18 pounds so far. I don’t sleep through the night EVER anymore. The culprits take turns each night- waking up to pee at least once, but sometimes up to 4 times IN A SINGLE NIGHT KILL ME NOW, or I get hungry and have to visit the fridge for some string cheese, or I’ll visit the medicine cabinet for Tums, or the most evil of them all- back pain. I mean it is just RIDICULOUS.

The only nice culprit I’ve found for keeping me up at night is the reason behind all this- my sweet Grayson. Are anyone else’s babies wild at midnight? He is a maniac!

 I definitely feel blessed and am not complaining though- I’ve read it over and over: at this stage, check your baby to make sure he’s moving if you haven’t felt him all day. I was almost worried by how big of a deal they make it. Is my baby okay? Is he going to move? What if I can’t get him to move? But no. Even with him running out of room in his little home, he’s probably the most active he’s been thus far (which probably explains my insane backaches!!).

Shane, I’m hesitant to admit, is jealous of my pillow. I am OBSESSED with my pillow (its a Snoogle if anyone was wondering! BUY IT NOW). Try to take it away from me, I dare you. 32 weeks and I will still take you down. Seriously though, I don’t know how women go without them. I would realistically say I wouldn’t let myself have a second pregnancy if you told me I couldn’t have my pillow the next go-round. I’m that dead serious. It blows my mind that I have to adjust my belly when I get in bed at night. For everyone who’s never been pregnant, let me spell it out for you. I literally have to kind of pick up my belly and position it so I can get comfortable. It is the weirdest thing! I feel weird even typing that for fear no one would actually believe me…but anyways. Back to Shane. The poor guy finally gets to be home every night with me now, and I want very little to do with him while we sleep. 1) He’s not soft and cushy like my pillow and 2) I get SOOOO hot at night, but he feels like a hot coal to the touch. I feel like I’m suffocating. Two more months, babe, two more months.

On a lighter and less whiny note, I had an AWESOME workout yesterday. The trip to the gym started with a leg workout that would make a grown man cry. Okay, minus a LOT of weight…I went light…but it was still tough, mind you. My legs today are impressively sore. I’m not sure if I’ve waddled more today because I’m preggs, or from being the day after legs! I did my yoga afterward, and finished with a killer treadmill routine. I was feeling superb and had nothing pressing on my schedule, so I pushed on. With 3 minute increments, I increased the incline by 2- so when I got to 15 minutes, I was at incline 10 and DYING. I mean, dying. I was borderline pushing my pregnant limits to being foolish I admit, but luckily that was time to start backing it down again- same increments. I continued walking another 20 minutes for the cool down. I’m still not sure if that was the smartest thing I’ve done this week….maybeeee should’ve gone a little easier, but at the same time, all is well, so….all good, right? I was crazy tired today though. Didn’t do a heck of a lot other than run errands with my mom and a teeny bit of yoga.

I feel like I should go to bed here soon…but….who is to say I’ll actually be able to sleep?! Sighs. 

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