Pizza Salad

Enjoyed my dinner al fresco, tonight! 

So two quick facts: 1. Most everyone loves pizza. Right? And 2. Most everyone hates salad? I know I’m right on that one. 
But here’s the thing. Any nutritionist or trainer will tell you how important it is to have a big green salad every day. Not to lose weight (although it is a plus to it!) but because the leafy greens have so many good nutrients in there, it’s a no brainer. 
So now, the trick is to come up with more tasty combinations than your average, boring house salads. Since going strictly paleo, my mom and I have stumbled upon enough different ways to make a salad, it’s not only different every day, but now we crave them and can’t wait. 
Tonight’s salad was no exception. And it’s so super simple, too! Start with whatever greens you want (spinach, kale, etc), now add pepperoni, olives (I love both kinds!!), mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and lastly, grate some fresh Parmesan or asiago cheese. Easy! And you don’t even need dressing. But as with most of my salads, I added a sprinkle of salt and drizzled a little avocado oil. 

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