First Run of March

With last week’s snow in the ground, I felt so overwhelmingly happy today to be running in a T-shirt. I wish it would last all week- tomorrow is going to be a high of 35. Glad I got a warm run in while I could! 

Today I ran just over 3 miles, and walked home the last mile. The headwinds were insane the first two miles before I turned around, but wouldn’t you know as soon as I finished my 3 miles the wind completely died down. I think overall I had a pretty good run. I think my average pace was 8.53 per mile. It’s hard to tell on my Nike app- doesn’t always seem accurate. 
The other day when I ran, my splits were 10 mins, 9.22, and 7.57.  I’m happy with these two runs. For my race, I think if I finish in 25 minutes that should put me in a good position to take my age division. Last year’s winner finished in a little over 26 minutes, and I think she was 28th place overall. My race PR is 26:24, and that was October 2013 and I was sick and my breathing was off. I think I took 5th out of like 800 In my division, and 71st overall. You never know who is going to show up and give you some competition, but I really want this. I want to earn this win.  

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