Paleo Sausage Biscuits

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my breakfast this morning! Over the course of 2014, my parents and I all made the choice to change our diets to gluten free and then later, paleo. My parents went hardcore from the beginning and noticed significant changes in their health (more on that in a different post!) while I…. Had a few more cheat meals. Unfortunately for me, being a restaurant manager where we have some of the most AMAZING (aka, unbutton your pants fattening!) southern food makes it that much harder to eat right. 

This month, I am doing NO cheat meals, just to completely get gluten and toxins out of my body… And then I can reintroduce “cheat” foods later to see how my body reacts. 
The misconception with paleo (or gluten free too if you only wanted to make that change) is that everyone thinks you will be horribly limited in what you can eat, or it will taste bland and boring. NO WAY! This is the first time in my mom’s entire life where she has enjoyed cooking- and it’s because she’s finally using real, fresh ingredients, and it tastes amazing. 
I want to keep sharing our recipes- but to start off, this is one of the most simple foods you could think of. And on a “diet” too! 
I can write another post later going into more detail, but animal fat IS good for you if you aren’t also taking in processed fats! Seriously- my mom eats either sausage or bacon with her breakfast every morning and has lost 30 pounds she didn’t even know she needed to lose. That’s so contradictory to anything we’ve ever been taught. 
Click above- this is a link to the biscuits- we use tapioca flour! It does taste different, but I really prefer this to anything with refined flours! I also use this to make “yeast” rolls, crackers, and pizza dough… Yummm!! Paleo is only restrictive any boring if you don’t do your homework! But as for me, I’m eating the most delicious food I’ve ever tried, and it’s healthy! 
Hope if anything actually reads this hehe, you enjoy it! 

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