Positive Advertising Verses Competitive Bashing

Here’s my thought for the day; and I see this all the time, which is what inspired me to write about it. I think there’s such a significant difference in marketing your business, verses bashing your competition. If your product or service is worth investing in, you shouldn’t have to highlight the flaws of your competitors. This goes the same for politicians. I don’t care how good your policies are, or your records…I will have so much more respect for you and a willingness to vote for you if you are concentrating more on showing the public what good qualities you can bring to the people, instead of bringing out the opposing team’s dirty laundry. 

I am a consultant for Arbonne, and I love the company and the products. I stand behind everything Arbonne believes in because I have seen the high standards Arbonne stands by. Their integrity seems to be unmatched. We have no animal products or by-products, and it is 100% vegan certified. I could go on for hours on why I believe Arbonne is scientifically second to none. That difference is what made me start using the products in the first place- long before I made the decision to join the company. We have no rendered products, and I have personally seen life changing results in myself, my family, and my clients. I am tremendously proud of this company, and love sharing the products and what I have learned with others. 

Because of the biased opinion I’ve developed for Arbonne, it is safe to say you will not catch me buying other popular brands for very specific scientifically researched reasons. I do not, however, feel the need to point out those brands on my facebook posts, or mention the companies in my presentations. Arbonne International stresses greatly to we consultants a high code of ethics, another reason I love Arbonne. They do not want us pointing out flaws of other companies. We have products that speak for themselves, and there’s just really no need. 

I tell you this, not to promote my Arbonne business, (but hey, if you want to check it out, who am I to stop you?)  but to show you that when you are truly passionate about whatever product you are selling, or service you provide, that is enough. Your passion shows. I am truly in love with Arbonne, and I believe that when I talk about Arbonne, the positive light will have more of an influence on my sales than if I went around bashing other companies. Sure, it can be tempting, but it is not as effective. Doing what is right always wins in the end.

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