Good Reads

Does anyone else start 4 more books before they finish their current one? I can’t help myself! Maybe its the inner ADD I try to keep bottled up, letting loose. 

So here’s what is in my current ‘book bin.’ …I have a bin beside my bed. Anyways.

The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. My former Sunday School class (from when I lived in Oklahoma, I still get the email updates) read it, and it took a long time before I finally decided to pick up a copy for myself. I usually read this at night, but I probably shouldn’t- it gets me too pumped up! Mark challenges us to dream, dream BIG. Inspire God in your life and reach for ridiculous miracles you feel silly for even thinking of, much less expecting. He will having you praying circles around any situation you are facing, and bring you to a deeper relationship with God. 

I’ve told several people I would let them borrow this but…I may have to re-read it a couple times first! Its pretty brilliant.

This devotional by Joel Osteen is definitely not for nighttime reading! Joel is so talented in light people on fire. Not literally of course, but spiritually! Some people I have talked to said they didn’t like Joel because he wasn’t a good preacher- he was just a good inspirational speaker. I have to disagree! God put Joel in his position for a reason, even if it is just to encourage people. But think about this- if a non-believer is flipping through the channels, who are they more likely to stick to and watch- Joel, or somebody like Charles Stanley? Now don’t get me wrong, Dr. Stanley is incredibly wise, and I enjoy watching his sermons. I even have his edition of the Bible! But to someone who doesn’t believe in God, he’s probably about as boring as watching paint dry. Whereas Joel hits home on a lot of his sermons. Everyone can relate to what he talks about. This book is no different. I love starting my day with this little jewel! Each page is a different day of the year, and the devotionals are short enough that you can read it pretty quick and move on- perfect for people like me who have busy mornings! 

What? Its interesting! Beginning with anatomy, this book breaks it all down. I’ve flipped through it a bunch, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…Its taking me a long time to get through the anatomy! I took equine anatomy in college and this feels exactly the same. It feels like death. But to be a personal trainer is so much more than ‘getting big’ and knowing how to do all the different exercises. When you’re training different populations (the elderly, working around special injuries, college athletes, etc) you have to know how the body works. So, now you know what the nerd does in her spare time! 

I also have different binders I’ve started writing in on different topics. I have iRun for all things running, Eat Clean, Live Lean for everything nutritional, and I actually haven’t named my weightlifting book yet.Any time I come across useful information, it goes in the book! 

One book I will forever read, over and over and over again, is this beauty right here.
As I mentioned earlier, this is an awesome version of the Bible! It has all sorts of add ins- the “Life Principles” are Charles’ way of explaining how to get the most out of life by living a Holy life. I know I can turn to the Bible for any problem I’m facing. 

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